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I’ve been on a journey for several months now trying to figure out how to best catalog the wide variety of media I’m producing *and* not go crazy in the process. Whether it’s facebook videos, being a guest on Issues Etc, or my own sermons, now to I help you find it.

I had thought the answer was a website. But I’m starting to think I’m wrong. Website building and management is terrifyingly tedious.

But you are reading this because you’re at my website. So, let me ask you: how important is this website in terms of the way you look for the information I produce? What do you come here for?

The website won’t go away. I’m just trying to figure out how to use it most efficiently, without replicating work that I can do far more easily on the engine at, say, youtube.

Help! Let me know. If you’er all just click through traffic, then I’m really wasting my time on this thing and it would be better spent making more content where you can actually find it.

10 thoughts on “Website Fury”

  1. Rachel wrote:

    I couldn’t figure out what to click on to comment on the post on the website blog, so I thought I’d just message you here. I’ve started to use the website a lot more as a way to introduce others to your work when they have questions about topics you’ve covered – Eschatology with Wolfmueller being the link I share the most. It’s just such a nice, easy way to share the material where they don’t have to dig through their podcast app’s archive list to find the first episode. Along with that, my husband also uses the website to listen to your podcast. But… he’s just as comfortable pulling them up on your youtube channel (PC listener, not a phone/app listening like I am) or searching for your name on the Issues, Etc. archive. So a change there won’t affect him much.

    After the initial sorting and setup on the website, will maintenance be as time consuming? You’ve got quite a archive of work scattered in a few different places that it seems like you’re collecting in the one location. I would think that after the backlog is handled, the maintenance might not be too bad.

    Just some thoughts. Your work is deeply appreciated! Thank you.



  2. It’s the maintenance that is the trouble. It’s easy to post, to tag and to categorize. But to help you find the categories in a way that also looks pretty and is therefore a draw takes a bunch of extra steps and time. What do you think of the way I’m setting it up right now?


  3. I like going to the website, and I’m normally looking for interviews from Raw or Sharper Iron. However, it doesn’t seem like the website always has the up-to-date shows, or I don’t see them right away. So, I check Facebook for that posting. Maybe it’s Sharper Iron that’s sometimes missing.

    My husband subscribes to your podcast through iTunes. He downloads (picks and chooses) items from there for his IPad and for my iPad for our car listening.

    My opinion is to separate the sermons from Raw interviews and from Sharper Iron. I don’t really care if it looks pretty! The site looks fine the way it is now; however, it is confusing when a site changes looks, and it takes time to get used to. One thing – it might be good to put a date on the posts or a date when they (the sermons or interviews) were recorded.


  4. I haven’t given much thought to the way you’ve set up your website. So I suppose I’m fine with it. I will sometimes send a link to this website to others to introduce them to you. But other than that, I generally just access your podcasts from an app on my smartphone. Thanks.


  5. I like the fact that you have the website and that there are organized categories to find all the various types media that you are producing. It’s nice to have everything you do all in one place. That being said, I already follow you on YouTube and I follow your podcasts via podbean. So, for the most part, I use things other than the website to listen to what you produce.


  6. I’m pretty new to “following” your material and wish there were an easy way to find product lines. For example, I go to Podbean for your podcasts and to the KFUO site for Sharper Iron, but I haven’t gone to find your worldview everlasting stuff because I think it’s maybe on YouTube but am not sure how to approach it – chronological? Topical? Do you have ones that are better than others? I feel like an Index is what I need and was hoping I’d find it here; a sort of spring board or hub for other material, maybe curated by you.

    I also think maybe more writing to tie things together or as prefaces for material – like what someone might expect if they hit your Everbook site and how maybe some of your podcasts tie in (eg, any discussions on vocation).

    Btw, Lutheran PK here; I’ve grown a lot in my faith and wish I’d had your material sooner. Echo made me take out my catechism and start crafting my personal devotions around it. And I really, really value your desire to enhance productivity as a reflection of stewardship in vocation – I have a secular job that I believe is a vocation and calling, and I work to integrate my Christian worldview into how I approach leadership and management issues.


  7. Worldview Everlasting is a special problem. 😀 It’s techincally not my work, but that of a nonprofit, with all content now owned by Lutheran Public Radio. I do not have access to the youtube account any more than you do.

    Similarly, Sharper Iron is not mine, but KFUO’s. I repost the facebook livestreams because they are easy to do. But if you want the podcast, you have to go through KFUO or your favorite podcast app.

    Finding a way into the content is a real challenge, as you point out. Where does one start? B Wolf and I have been so busy making so much online content for so long that curation is an impossibility at this point….


  8. Hope this isn’t a repeat comment – lost my “comment in progress!” Sorry.

    Thanks for clarifying about Sharper Iron not being on the website but on Facebook – makes sense.

    You make a good point about you and Pastor Wolfmueller producing lots of online content. In general, there’s so much online content out there, not just from you, that it’s overwhelming. That’s why I suggest you date your shows. I rarely listen to older sermons/episodes. I manage our church’s website, and no one listens to the older sermons.

    When you started this new site, you had something like “Watch this first.” Perhaps you could have an area with those types of shows and episodes. They could be either deliberately produced or could just be exceptional shows that highlight or answer a frequently discussed or confusing topic.


  9. Hey Pastor Fisk,

    I enjoyed the 3 hour podcast you did with your wife. I would love to hear more like that, though not necessarily that long. I very much appreciate your perspective on how our theology interacts with our present culture. I don’t want a compartmentalized faith. I want a faith that can speak to Donald Trump and Ben Shapiro, while staying the same faith. Keep it up!

    Ben Hedlund


  10. Blessed Maundy Thursday Rev. Fisk!

    I, like Heidi above, was looking for a place to find all of your content consolidated into one place. I think the website is set up great to solve my problem at least. The way you have the series grouped all on one page, it makes it easy to just jump from one episode to the next. I do a lot of driving for work and being able to listen to 4 hours back-to-back and not search for what’s next is nice. Keep up the good work!


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