Blood Sanctifies

Coming down from the Mount of Transfiguration, we enter the Valley of the Shadow of Darkness and Death. There we find, at the base of the mountain, the God who speaks words to us, insisting on the need of his covenant with us by blood on our behalf. As Moses and the people of Israel received such promises by the word of the Lord, so we too find our Lord Jesus more concerned with the work he comes to do on our behalf than with the expectations we set up for him. The gods of wood and stone are made in the image of men. The spirit of the Lord anoints the Christ with the religion of God.

With the descent into darkness, so also comes the rejection of Jesus, which we will see increase over the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, exiled in darkness as we are, we nonetheless have the full revelation and knowledge of the glory of God from the mountain top. Therefore, we commit ourselves even more to walking with Jesus, all the way to the cross, because we know that on the other side of this darkness is the light of a new dawn, founded on an empty tomb.