The ‘we’re playing the long game’ edition of Clickbait Paradise

A journey of a thousand steps…
..begins with a whole lot of arguing. It is understandable, if witnessing the endless crossfire between those who wish to reopen the country and those who want to wait causes you to glaze over. From the pearl clutching to the finger wagging, it would seem the thinking about how and when is just as confusing to the average Joe as all things coronavirus have been so far. While the federal government has taken considerable heat for planning to reopen the country, it has largely kicked the can to the states, who are in various degrees of lockdown/freedom, depending on what each governor decides

Rev. Fisk has informed us that his state of Illinois will continue shelter-in-place orders until the end of May. Will there be an economy left? One model out of Harvard University, suggests that intermittent social distancing might be necessary until 2022. The cloud of uncertainty hanging over the future seems to have brought out everyone’s inner-legalist and although many stores deemed essential are patronized by big groups of people, churches are still receiving flak for any form of physical meeting, even being ratted out by their own members

But in many places, it looks like the American people, whether out of desperation or boredom, have decided to return, even a little, to their pre-corona activities. In Wisconsin, police were called to a socially-distanced game of pickleball and in California, where a skate park was covered with sand to prevent people gathering, dirt bike riders made the most of it.

It turns out the first deaths in the USA from COVID-19 were actually in early February in California, not late February in Washington as previously thought. This may have implications for tracking the origins and spread of the virus. A study out of China has found there might be 30 mutations of this virus.