DUST 0.0

We have a Dust sighting!

This is not the story. This is “the back cover” pitch to the whole serial and world which hopefully will follow.
It is the
After What, and When?
No one remembers.
Imperiors rule among the scars of Before. The threat from ferals never rests.
And the flow
The flow is the one thing needful. 
Humanity is but another of the many wretched creeping things on a diseased rock hurtling through a maddening and infinite shadow of space. But such existentiality has little recourse in a world enslaved to the harsh pantheon of survival’s gods, awash with the craving for daily fruect, and in endless search for the right alchemy of tec and farmato take it from others before they take it from you.
This is the only virtue in the real world. You don’t need to remember anything else to see that. Nothing else matters, whether you’re just another pathetic gioe eking it out among the wilds of the Back Half, or one of them ‘murai beyonders and whatever geitzdamd barbarity in the Haywire Barrier churns them out to be the space-eyed syichoes that they are. I don’t doubt for an instant that eves the mythical Silentblessed, sheltering in mystery on the heights of Aurora Zenith, if they even exist at all, still wake up each morn to find they must worship the everlasting flight from desperation with the same inevitability as the day before.

Not today, we each must say. 
Until the day we don’t anymore.
Normally, that’s not a good day.