Easter 4: Angels vs. Aliens Because Why Not?

“I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” Psalm  23
This last week, buried beneath #coronawhitenoise, the US government declassified several videos of footage from American Airmen experiencing close encounters with unidentifiable and super-tech-capable aircraft. 

You know. Aliens.
Wonder what they think about our sheltering in place?

Wonder if the whole thing is their scam to infiltrate our planet (because if everyone wears face masks then we can’t tell who the aliens are!)?

I also had this thought last week: perhaps Karl Marx never believed any of his writings, but converted to a persuasive eastern religion whereafter he set upon intentionally developing a theorem for destroying the great western Satan from within, which he then began to market as “socialism.”

I decided after two seconds that it wasn’t true even in the DC universe, but that it’d still make a pretty stellar alt-historical who-dunnit.

On the other hand, the alien videos didn’t interest or even really surprise me much. That’s because I’m one of those tedious souls who has listened to enough hours of every Malepretrenuer of Malemanness podcast out there, to have heard a three hour interview of one of the pilots last year.

After three hours, the facts sounded legit: newly developed (top secret) American equipment for years has been revealing a series of not-exactly-dogfight-but-almost encounters with aircraft capable of breaking the laws of physics as we know them. 

Is it China? 

Not likely.


Not possible. 


This kind of stuff can’t be built or done by us. It’s impossible.

 To which Joe Rogan, (it was his show,) who is usually pretty astute, made a real tomfool comment to the effect of, “What’s your answer to that, religious people!?!”

I’m not even gonna try to woo you.


That’s my answer. 

Mankind has finally developed technology capable of seeing enough of the unseen (and fallen) world to pick up on the amazing news that “we are not alone.” 

“In the beginning….”

I wonder, further on, if God grants us the ability to determine by scientific instrument that we are surrounded by unseen-but-ever-active new-dimensional beings, whether or not “modern” man will be able to give up his dogmatic mythologies and call a spirit what it is. 

Wait for the Lord,
Rev. Fisk