Trump: The Devil I Know

“One issue voting” is only a problem for those who are voting the other way.

Even if Donald Trump is an autocratic maniac with the power and potential to seize the reigns and crown himself King of Texas FOREVERS#GAMEOVER!!!, if you are a thinking Christian, then you don’t have much choice: you must vote for him anyway.

Because, if it comes to it, better a tyrant who outlaws abortion than a mob that insists on them.

What do you want me to do? Lie to you?

If you are not a thinking Christian, then yes, that is what you want. 


For those who have a pen and paper handy to think with:
It’s simple: God will bless no people/tribe/nation so long “safe, legal and [if only it were] rare” infanticide whets our pharmaceuticals with the blood of sacrificed innocents.

It’s simple: Donald Trump, for being a jerk and a mean man, is also quite possibly the only authentically pro-not-killing-babies-cuz-that’s-demonic President we have ever had, both verbally and (far more important) legislatively

The most recent display (of many) is his nomination of Catholic Christian mother of seven Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS to replace the deceased RBG. 

Barrett’s pope-y Romanism already has been trotted out to scare you, but mostly by hypocritical liars who are papists themselves. Just today, I was told Joe Biden carries a rosary. 

Does he use it

I can tell you that it does not matter: his prayers will continue to fall on God’s deaf ears so long as he continues to dance to Margaret Sanger’s drum of blood and tears. 

Of course, if you are voting for him, this statement makes you angry with me. How could I? 

It’s simple: For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

Read it again. Stop assuming you know what it says already, and read it slowly. 

Perhaps what really upsets you is not the idea that God does not listen to the prayers of evil people as they are busy hating him and seeking radically evil things. 

Perhaps what really upsets you is that you’ve invested so much of yourself in not voting for Trump that my commentary on Biden’s faithfulness is taken as a commentary on your own? 

Perhaps you can’t imagine God turning a deaf ear to Joe Biden’s prayers because that would mean he’d also have to turn a deaf ear on yours?

I would hope that thought would give you some serious pause. 
I suggest that to go on comfortably ignoring the implications of abortion is to jeopardize not only your faith, but the place of Christianity on these shores.

I suggest that everything about American life that you hate and are afraid of is caused by abortion. 

I suggest that as long as we bleed our infants, then we should also expect Philistines to manage the rest of our affairs. 

I am not saying you are not a Christian if you disagree with me. I will never be the judge of that.

But I am saying you risk making a damned fool of yourself if you hate that pompous, orange Yankee so much that you are willing to abandon, “you shall not murder,” just because the authentic champion of human rights is a distasteful salesman and you think too highly of yourself to vote for him. 

Vote for death if you must. The fact is: the devil I know is pro-life.