Burn All the Bibles

by lead writer, Rev. Jonathan Fisk

They should. If they don’t, those of us who believe what it says will only become all the more dissident to their mythologies.

It doesn’t matter which one. It is the question you ask when you’re not supposed to. It is what ever message from which ever authority you that this time you do not obey on impulse. It is the hunger for righteousness that will not accept platitudes meant to strengthen my carnal flesh while the world around me burns with contempt and pride.

The more you press a true Christian down, if he have his Bible, the more you empower you enemy to rise up and confront you with unassailable conviction, wisdom and vigor. We’re just too open minded to follow their lies, after willingly coming to grips with more far reaching and profound cosmic realities than the temporal safety of my belly.

So if they want us to take their magic pills and keep bowing in homage to the talking images, they will need to burn our Bibles. If they want their brainwashing to work on we independent thinkers, they will need to take away our foundation. None of the “the fear of Jesus Christ is the beginning of wisdom, but fools… nonsense.

Not to mention all that about

1. consumer culture as economized greed

2. little white lies as damnable sins

3. property rights as the reason not to steal

4. marriage as the fruitful copulation of two human sexes

5. the rights of your neighbor as those worth killing for

6. the centrality of the Mono-Arche in the family home pscyho-socio-system

7. a day without Bible verses being a damned bad day

8. the fact that the only thing you can really do about anything is pray

9. the fact that the current ruling king, no matter how you cut it, is going to be royally pissed off about all the innocent blood-guilt the American experiment has brought upon the world via abortion.

So, after all of this (and “this” is only the icing), if you’re not rushing out the door to burn your bible, I hope to God next time you are wondering “what it do today” you consider opening and reading it. You can start with the Sons of Solomon or Daughters of Wisdom Psalms – you won’t find anything better for these latter days of gray shades and invisible red lines. Check them out here, and then come back to arm your data with the best mined info on COVID and COVID Vaccines we can find for your Christmas 2020.

Book mark this post and return to it when you need to remind your friends and neighbors about a fact or research study.

Until angel cry and trumpet sound,
Rev. Fisk