Michael Schellenberger & Nuclear Power

by guest writer, James, @The Arbiter

Michael Schellenberger, a recovering climate alarmist and rational counterweight to TIME magazine’s 2019 Person-of-the-Year, Greta Thunberg, draws on his decades of environmental activism to make an excellent case for nuclear power over, and against, so-called “green” renewables.

Schellenberger TEDx Presentation: Why renewables can’t save the planet.

Three of the arguments that Mr. Schellenberger makes are:

  1. Nuclear power is “green” due to its high energy density  which allows it to be more reliably consistent than renewables thereby reducing the need for fossil fuels to close the gap.
  2. Nuclear power plants require less land than renewables.
  3. Nuclear power is the only source of power where the dangerous byproducts are contained while having a small footprint.

Harnessing the atom to generate power is nothing new, going back over sixty years to June 27th, 1954, when the former USSR successfully integrated their new Obninsk nuclear power plant into their commercial power grid. In the 17,000 cumulative reactor-years since then, there have been three major accidents at civilian nuclear power plants. Many lessons have been learned and a few new methods are being explored: Small Modular Reactors and Molten Salt Reactors.

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