Paranoia is the Feeling that You Have Been Lied To

Sometimes it is true.

Someone is certainly lying to you about the elections. Someone is lying about COVID. Someone is lying about the CCP. Someone is lying about just about everything and twice over these days.

We shall see how that plays out for us all this week.

A “people” is a group of humans who are aware that they are (or have been or will soon be) vulnerable in the same way.

A rich man is hard to overthrow.
A poor man is easily overthrown. -Pr. 10:18

Imagine a game of debt and lies tailored to keep you poor while tricking you into believing you are rich.

Imagine that the critical wickedness of men is not a theory, but a reality, writ on the walls of history.

In an age run by evil men, good men must not hide.

You need not fear the devil. He is no “dark lord,” but a blinded and failing conductor. Remember that his entire game is mythology. All he does is make stuff up. He’s 10x bluster with a pitiful bite. His real game is convincing you to trust the stories about him and others, about the great power of their evil, and thereby to believe that he is more godlike than he really is.

The more you destroy his story with the story of Scripture, founded in Christ and armed with his psalms and proverbs, your ability to withstand the nonsensical fear-mongering of our present age will not only mature. But you will also find both you are growing unafraid of evil men, while in juxtaposition, they are increasingly intimidated by you.

Christian virtue is this: you have not been authorized to despair.

The justified shall stumble seven times, and rise again.
The wicked trips only further into his calamity. Pr. 24:16

Till the angel cry and trumpet sound.