English is Falling Apart

The only way to grow is to own the consequences of your actions.

Babble is a universal miraculous wrath against you. You, reading this, hoping desperately for some calm in the storm of con-fusion. You, impacted by the age of everything amped to 11.

Babble cannot be underestimated. Grammar will not save us. Nostalgia is no pillar and buttress.

The lesson of Job is that life’s afflictions do not merely appear unfair. Job’s rather extreme and particular case demonstrates that there are times when they actually are!

This life, with regularity, gives you what you don’t deserve.

Also, to this day, it has always worked out for the best.

Chaos is this life experience. No matter how much you research, activate, lobby, stack, shuffle, hack, gamify or seek to atone for it, you will not get to play in “God” mode.
Everyone knows that such is worse than losing in the end anyway. No one loves a broken game.

This lesson of Job awakens the Christian to see the need for psychological discipline in an age of spiritual-psycho-irrational (“demoralization”) warfare. (Ahem, the “TV”).
Christianity is belief in the redemption of this chaos. Not later. Right now. It goes like this: you are not in control of where you are going. Squandering precious moments discontent with reality is the greatest waste of time one could ever imagine. And “I’m your huckleberry” won’t be an easter egg forever.
But the last oracle of David will be.

Until next time,

Be strong, and let your heart know courage.
Rev. Fisk