Two can play this game

Vladimir Putin has been trolling as only a super-villain can.  Mr Putin allowed a carefully orchestrated interview with NBC News comparing protests by supporters of his jailed rival, Alexei Navalny to Black Lives Matter rioting last year. Disregarding any facts, Putin said his government is keeping the peace by suppressing his political rivals, in order to avoid an event like the Capitol riot on January 6th. Maybe even President Bush doubts whether Putin has a soul..

Mr Putin also met with President Biden, discussing cyber-security amongst other things. Mr Biden gave Russia three to six months to end hacking of key infrastructure, warning the the US would respond in kind, if pushed.  Given that Russia has been at the cyber-hacking game for a while now, this is probably more political theater with Putin “flipping the script” suggesting that America is the biggest source of cyber-hacking.

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