Throwing down

Mad Christians, who understand the central place of the Supper to our faith, as a balm for a troubled conscience and a slow putting on of the immortal, might be familiar with recent drama in the Roman Catholic church. Controversy recently erupted as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced plans to draft a statement about the Eucharist. Predictably, media outlets showed they really don’t get religion, with The Week saying the Bishops were making Catholicism a “single-issue religion.”

The renewed media attention on communion in the Roman church has come about as President Biden, who claims a devout Catholic faith, has also fallen over himself to support radically pro-abortion legislation. While the doctrine of the Church (as well as most Catholics) approve the exclusion of leaders who promote abortion from receiving the Supper, Democratic politicians claim that this is “weaponizing the Eucharist” against them. Some Representatives went further, suggesting the Church should be stripped of tax exempt status if the President is refused. Writing at The Federalist, Margot Cleveland said what really weaponizes the Sacrament is “theological ignorance.” Sad but very true.

Some of these politicians may also need to be educated on what abortion is. Not the Bee points out that all this posturing is  a bit rich coming from politicians who can’t even say what a baby is

Speaking about tax-exemptions… The IRS has denied tax exempt status to Christians Engaged, an organization that educates Christians on political processes and voting. The denial was on the ground that the organization is not apolitical enough. The evidence? “Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the [Republican] party and candidates.” You read that right.