Land and water

Violence has broken out in Iran over water shortages in areas of the country. Mismanagement and “water mafias” have exacerbated the problems created by high temperatures and drought. Also in the Middle East, the UAE is investing in drones to create rain through cloud seeding. Back in the USA, California has its own water headaches, with The Counter reporting that thieves are stealing water for marijuana farms. ZeroHedge says some Cali farmers are employing water diviners to find water for them.

David Larson has written a thought-provoking article at The Federalist about suburbia which may interest community-minded Mad Christians. Larson argues that current zoning laws that set aside large parcels of land for uniform use are counterproductive to formation of communities. While “single-family zoning” ensures your castle is not crowded by a towering apartment building, the downsides can be multitude. 

Larson argues that suburban sprawl could account for the lack of participation in local clubs and churches, as well as the death of neighborliness. “If you live in one place, work in another, shop in another, exercise in another, and between each activity you need to get back in your car and drive miles away, you’re not rooted anywhere.”

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