Quickhits for the eyebuds 09.06.21

⚾ What curveballs look like from behind the plate
🍦 The FTC is investigating McDonald’s ice cream machines
🥤 And Brexit has been blamed for McDonald’s milkshake shortages in the UK 
🐙 Octopuses like to throw things at each other
✉️ Write a letter to your future self
🌱 This lady turned her car into a chia pet
⚰️ This lady cleans headstones and her followers love it
 👄 This lady has a very big mouth
🗣️ Babel: New Navy weapon annoys targets into not talking
📶 Charge any device wirelessly from anywhere in the room
🎧  Who knew? Airpods can attach magnetically to your MacBook
🎵 Hip: jazzy password creator
🖼️ Artist used A.I. to render portraits of US Presidents
🔽 Tiny tardigrades out for a walk
🧹 A space sweeper is cleaning up galactic trash
🍕 In case you were wondering, the pizza made it to the Space Station
🔥 Roller skating limbo is a thing and it’s wild 
😍 What you needed today… Corgi racing!

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