QuickHits for the eyebuds 09.20.21

☕ Pumpkin spice: it’s a WV thing
💤 What’s happening when your foot falls asleep
🚗 Michelin made airless, puncture-proof tires
💧 This material stays dry even underwater
🖱️ Why hyperlinks are blue
🦟 CRISPR gene editing renders male mosquitoes impotent and females flightless
🏆 Ontario bridge earns Guinness World Records
🐔 Charcoal chicken: The world’s blackest chicken
🐻 “Spirit” bears’ white fur gives them camouflage
😧 Singer Ed Sheeran compares US awards shows to UK ones
🍳 A company that prints community cookbooks
🤿 Amsterdam’s underwater parking garage for bikes
🤐 Prince Philip’s will won’t be opened for 90 years
🏕️ RVs are selling through the roof💰 But maybe not this motorhome. It has a $2.4m price tag with space for your hypercar
 🚧 Zoning out: California bans single-family lots 
🎓 Most expensive colleges in the States
🕹️ Text game adventures
✏️ Shadows bring this artist’s work to life
🌀 Behold! The human pinball

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