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A Brief History of Power (with two white guys)

Every week Dr. Koontz and RevFisk check their privilege against the backdrop of the wide and varied annals of history. You don’t have to believe the Babel about the sons of Noah being a rosetta for understanding the postmodern global politic.. Head to the home of BHoP podcasts or….

Saturday Morning Chill

There is no hurry.. There is no rush…

If you weren’t able to tune in to the Saturday Morning Chill, catch the audio right here…


Catch all of Rev Fisk’s sermons preached at St Paul Lutheran Church, Rockford, Ill.

Revelation: Unleashed

The now legendary series… Rev Fisk walks through the Book of Revelation., drawing on the Old Testament. The clear message of comfort and hope that Revelation brings is what we need to hear right now.

Ezekiel: The Strong God

Dr Adam Koontz joins Rev Fisk to discuss the book of Ezekiel

Daniel: God is Judging

Daniel is the original wizard. Sent into captivity in Babylon, he attended the Hogwarts of his day and remained faithful to his God.

RAW interviews

Rev Fisk’s interviews, with guests including Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, Dr Adam Koontz, Pastor Will Weedon and more..


Except when you talk eschatology with Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, it’s called Wolfschatology…