Alright, stop. COVID time

Yes, we’re still talking about the pandemic. A great episode of Lockdown TV has genomics expert David Engelthaler, speaking about mutations of the coronavirus, and details the way the Virus 2.0 moved through Europe and the USA differently than the early outbreaks in Asia. Engelthaler says he is doubtful that large scale lockdowns are helpful and says the effects of closing down has been “devastating in a way that we haven’t even properly appropriately characterized yet.”

Dr. Engelthaler says that human agency is overemphasized in the fight against the pandemic. “Different strains that are acting differently in different parts of the world, lead to different outcomes, at least in some part because of that virus, not just based off of public policies in response, no matter what you do.” He says many deaths would have been avoided if the focus had been on protecting the most vulnerable people rather than on “trying to prevent any spread of this virus, which is pretty much uncontainable.”

Why don’t people trust the Pfizer vaccine? Because sometimes the rumors are true. The Australian government has halted trials of a vaccine as some participants tested falsely for HIV.