Meanwhile, Coronavirus is not done yet…

New York and LA are US ground zeroes. Expect the other major cities like Chicago and Atlanta, or perhaps Seattle, to be the next to report cases. If you truly want to protect your family “just in case,” now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to start learning how the virus moves so that you can be best prepared to serve everyone in your life if and when it comes into neighborhood and home, (and not be one of those daft fools walking around with a face mask on because they saw it in a movie once.)

Unfortunately, we do not have a link to share with you to guarantee the following, but we’re sharing the information in light of the public interest and with the understanding, the following can be considered trustworthy information:Although reported cases appear to be slowing in China, the sudden decline is a bit fast for comfort. China’s containment strategy hasn’t worked. Cases are being reported in almost every country in Western Europe, much of the Middle East, Russia, Australasia, and parts of South America.It’ll take several weeks at least for the full consequences of the virus and its impact.
Non-planned Obsolescence Strikes Back!
A few weeks back, we ran a story about the planned obsolescence of lightbulbs and possibly cars and almost everything else you can buy. Just because we are mad and say it doesn’t mean it’s true. Do you own research, and then share it with us, like this podcast where geek-deep economists debunk their favorite bad ideas so that we grow in knowledge too.

None of that was what I meant to say, again.

What I meant to say is that all this means far less than it might sound, and will probably not any dreams but my own. But, this is my exchange for a confident future for Mad Mondays.Few people manage to watch, listen and read every ounce of content I put out. No one will mourn the dreams I am letting die on lists of projects left uncreated in my dustbin but me. This is my Lenten humiliation, and for it I am glad: I am but one man, and the sole arrow in my quiver is an eight-year-old boy who is quickly growing up.YouTube isn’t going to change. The Mad Christian podcast, it’s going to get even better. And Mad Mondays will be in your inbox, swift and sure as putting your trust in princes will fail you every time.I can’t promise you the content of the content. I can only promise that it will be from me, and it will be real.
I have a whole bunch more I put in my 2nd draft, but this is my 5th draft now…
Like how I decided to give up email for Lent. I’m going to be ignoring 95% of my email, and all of Facebook and Twitter and Snapboy and Finglefart and whatever other latest greatest may-may squirrel bait is being tattooed on the orange man’s Easter eggs (because I just can’t take that much crazy anymore).Remember, I’m doing crazy things so that you don’t have to. Whether all goes well or poorly, I’ll report back after Easter.