Fell Deeds Awake Cont’

By Rev. Benjamin Steenbock

Don’t be distracted. Don’t get consumed by the white noise. It is not incumbent upon you to get outraged over a few petty crimes committed by people who, on another day in the not-too-far-flung future, may become our brothers in Christ, allies on the spiritual battlefield. By all means, condemn sin when you see it. But your breath is better spent condemning the life-stealing, soul-destroying chaos spread every day by the godless elites (on the “left” and “right”) who are making our country a totalitarian, godless, nightmare. If you must express your outrage, spend your breath condemning that storm.

But there’s a better way to spend your breath.

Pray. Pray God’s Word. Inwardly digest the wisdom of his Word. Gather your family to do the same. Join with brothers at your congregation to encourage and build one another up. Be bound together tightly with God’s Word that, together, the Old Evil Foe must flee from you, for Christ, the Word Made Flesh, is at your side. “Though an attacker can overpower one person, two people together can stand up against him. A rope with three strands is not quickly snapped” (Ecclesiastes 4:12 EHV).

The D.C. protest was a blessing from God. It opens our eyes to two important facts.

First, this is our time. We see clearly that there are millions of men in this country who will no longer lie down and quietly let evil men rule. We are prepared, by the Lord, to invite them to join us as warriors. We are prepared to give them the perfect weapon, Christ, a “polished arrow” (Isaiah 49:2), polished in his holy blood, an instant poison to the flesh, but a salve of life to those whose hearts he pierces. Yes, we are prepared to redirect their fury toward a righteous wrath‚ÄĒa righteous wrath to raise their sons in God’s holiness; a righteous wrath to destroy evil with Truth proclaimed; a righteous wrath to seize authority in their community, use it for good, and condemn wickedness. The Lord has chosen us for this time and given us everything we need to fight and win with righteous wrath.

Second, victory is not as far away as it seems. The wicked have sown the seeds of their own ruin. Their evil will overtake them. They have so thoroughly suppressed godly masculinity they no longer know how to face it. When godly men stand and live out the Truth of Christ, the wicked will fall. They will fall hard. They must, for “The Righteous One carefully watches the house of the wicked. He throws the wicked down to ruin” (Proverbs 21:12).

The red dawn of Judgment comes. It will be bathed in blood (cf. Revelation 14:20). While there is still time, we ride forth with rescue–the unfailing Word and power of Christ.

Do not be distracted. Ride forth. Meet the enemy’s lies. No longer can we slumber in this spiritual warfare. No. “Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath; now for ruin; and the red dawn!”

Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

ūüďö¬†You can¬†rent books by the foot¬†to make you look smarter in your next¬†Zoom¬†meeting

ūüĆ쬆Korea’s artificial sun¬†sets record temperature¬†of 100 million degrees

ūüéģ¬†Epic Games¬†has¬†bought a mall for its new headquarters

ūüď欆Drones will have to¬†broadcast their location by 2023

ūü¶į¬†Sunsetting: all the¬†redheaded comic characters¬†that have been “race-swapped”

ūüď謆Copy and paste strikes again: Brexit documents¬†mention¬†Netscape¬†and¬†Mozilla Mail. Oops!

A Good Word: Rec’s from Rev. Fisk

Don’t let them change the story.

And leave yourself a note for tomorrow.

Have you heard the Mad Christian(s) rage about Smart Noting? Have your seen the smart desk on Discord? Rev. Fisk summarizes the idea of smart noting with translate, elaborate, and activate. Use it for your educational reading and use it for the Word of God. To read the ideas firsthand, check out S√∂nke Ahrens’ 
How to Take Smart Notes.

Highly recommended by Rev. Fisk. Often.

The scraps

National Institute of Scholars: Confucius institutes are slowly shutting down

The Mandalorian¬† and Japanese comics show you¬†don’t need to get woke to succeed

The New England Journal of Medicine is pushing to remove sex from birth certificates

Report shows multiple infants were born alive after botched abortions in Texas

¬†Jack Ma, China’s richest man, has¬†not been seen in public for a while.

Free-range oligarchs

WhatsApp gives its users an ultimatum: share your data with Facebook or go away. 

Now that Joe and Jill are going up the Hill (yeah, we know, that’s not exactly correct, but it wouldn’t have been as fun),¬†Twitter¬†has finally¬†banned President Trump from its platform.

Great Reset: The World Economic Forum has found that¬†people are in favor “significant change”¬†in a post-COVID world. What a co-inky-dink!

Nasdaq wants to delist any company who’s¬†board is not “diverse” enough

With the¬†demise of¬†Flash, the lights also went out on¬†FarmVille. This piece looks at the groundbreaking aspects of the game and how its mechanics are “staples” for many games today. It’s a fascinating case study in¬†how player attention was monetized. From real-time loops, collecting items, and mystery boxes, “it’s kind of hard to overstate the impact of¬†FarmVille¬†as it is so integral to the explosion of social and free-to-play gaming.”

Fell Deeds Awake

By Rev. Benjamin Steenbock
They “stormed” the Capitol Building. That’s the official story.
Don’t be distracted.
Trump supporters taking selfies in the Capitol Building are not your most dire enemy. The actual “storming,” an ongoing battle, is the decades-long storming¬†against Christ’s created order.
Trump supporters didn’t assault godly masculinity, spending decades tearing it¬†down. Godless elites did that, storming people with their evil.
Trump supporters didn’t introduce the constant chaos of immoral sexuality, its¬†cheap self-gratification callously ripping apart the one-flesh union over and¬†over. No, godless elites did that, storming people with their evil.
Trump supporters didn’t invent the right to murder infants for their own¬†convenience. Godless elites did that, storming people with their evil.
Trump supporters didn’t build a massive construct of lies about our physical¬†health‚ÄĒthe foods we’re sold, the medicines we’re prescribed‚ÄĒall to enrich¬†themselves at our expense. Godless elites did that, storming people with¬†their evil.
Trump supporters didn’t systematically twist, bend, and break the laws, using¬†the very tools of liberty to destroy liberty. Godless elites did that, storming¬†people with their evil.
Trump supporters didn’t call for stained glass windows of “white Jesus” to be¬†broken and churches burned down. Godless elites want that… and one day they¬†will storm your church.

Two nations under God?

When is storming the Capitol not an insurrection?¬†When it’s approved by media and elites.

Rules for thee but not for me

It may be the case that Dr Koontz is not the only one who feels ambivalence toward the idea of Left and Right. The¬†More in Common¬†project has created a site that reinforces this.¬†Hidden Tribes¬†demonstrates¬†that while there are very vocal “wings” on the liberal-conservative spectrum, most people fall into what they describe as the Exhausted Majority. The creators of the project see some hope in the fact that most Americans are willing to compromise on many things.

It’s All a Myth

By The Mad Christian
Rejection of downside on basis of preferred story is what the bible calls idolatry.None of us could have expected this a year ago.Now it is time for those of us on whom the preferred myth is not working anymore to stand up and recognize that we face a new animation of ideas – a new wind of teaching – like a hurricane – overshadowing us with threats to plunge us into utter confusion and darkness.If you do not attend to your inner life now, rest assured the devil is already doing it for you.Riddle me this, batman: A professional actor is someone who takes money in order to pretend to be someone he is not.And every night the zombies turn it on, and ask it to pray for them.To know what you are afraid of is to know what (or whom) you believe in. It is to ask, “Do I have a creed?”Calling it “science” won’t stop a false religion seeking to purify its culture of the filthy unbelievers, any more than it can fix what is suddenly wrong with your calendar…But let’s leave that for once more than 20% of us have noticed.For this week…