0145 The Second Wisdom, and the Devolution of the Species

Bryan Wolfmueller and I ponder our dystopian nightmare and posit that it’s really an adventure game of extraordinary scale. For realz. If I told you that we mention Chad Bird’s newish podcast with 1517, would that increase the downloads for all the wrongest reasons? You should probably listen instead for the bit about the first ever (annual?) Mad Christian LARP Con this June. Details, juicy details.

0144 Americanation and its most unLutheran Effects

Your history questions, RevFisk and Dr. Koontz? What could go wrong? Grab your grandfather’s pipe and shout “Cheerio!” as your dash into this rollicking conversation about why exegesis is the chief science, but itself exists inside the realm of history.

Episode Artwork: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/14E6L

Books mentioned: 

On the Philosophy of History:

The History of the Church by JP Koehler

General History

The History of the Christian Church by Walker

From Age to Age w/ various authors

The Church of our Fathers

On Lutheran focus:

Lutherans in America by Grandquist

Lutherans in N. America by Nelson

Walther’s Letters

At Home in the House of my Fathers by Harrison