Babies Lives Matter

There’s no doubt that one of the most vile weapons in the devil’s arsenal is “population control.” Some of the worst regimes throughout history have used sterilization, abortion, and infanticide to reduce the amount of people they don’t like, sometimes undercover, sometimes not. Today the war on undesirables goes on under the language of “bodily autonomy” and a woman’s “right to choose.”

The eugenicist beginnings of the abortion industry’s founding are not hard to discover. Margaret Sanger once said that her goal was to eradicate the “negro population.” A conversation between Jennifer Roeback Morse of the Ruth Institute and black Pentecostal pastor Walter Hoye addresses what he says is the “most difficult conversation” to have in the African American church.

Pastor Hoye says abortion is the subject of many “parking lot conversations” but he says that black pastors are reluctant to broach the topic with their congregations. It is hard to get your heart around, but Hoye says that in an average black church, pastors may be preaching to congregations who are entirely post-abortive. Lord, have mercy.

Pastor Hoye, who has been jailed for speaking to women outside abortion clinics in California, is passionately pro-life. He relays how seeing his tiny preemie son changed his mind about abortion and he has worked hard since to highlight the damage done by abortion in black communities. Like Walter Williams, Hoye is passionate about restoring black families and equipping black men to be fathers.