An open letter to my congregation

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“Keep me from the snares they have laid for me, And from the traps of the workers of iniquity” (Psalm 141:9).

This last week the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Reporter, the official newspaper of the LC-MS International Center ( published a statement by Synodical President Matthew Harrison on the challenge modern inoculation technologies present to pro-life communities:

“We live in disturbing times….I want to make a few somewhat personal remarks to you…. This COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the world, as well as us as Christians individually and corporately as a Synod. Attitudes and approaches to the challenge by LCMS individuals, congregations and districts vary. This is due to a variety of factors: the intensity of the disease; cultural and political contexts; and our own varying views on the medicinal, social, political and — to some extent — religious issues involved.“Government intrusion into churches through various regulations — attempted by states and municipalities across the nation — have even sought to regulate our sacred practice of Holy Communion (the holy of holies where government has no place), which has been troubling. In many cases, we have seen governments treating churches unfairly, even closing churches while leaving theaters or clubs open. Local and state governments have taken advantage of COVID-19 to push regulations into our parochial schools, where such state regulation has not existed before. I, for one, am deeply concerned about increasing government overreach into areas of the First Amendment. “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). And I aim to resist this increasing encroachment wherever and whenever I can.

“…Expected presidential mandates that force employees of companies and nonprofits to release or terminate unvaccinated employees will be challenged legally from various directions. I believe — and so do others — that such mandates for churches violate the “free exercise” clause of the First Amendment, because they would force the termination of pastors and called workers in larger church institutions who refuse vaccination. Our military chaplains are increasingly pressured by the LGBTQ agenda of the U.S. military. In addition, those chaplains who have conscientious objections to the vaccine mandate are now faced with the question of continuing to serve or leaving the military. Thus far, free speech protections still remain, thank God.

“…As the other resources note, the vaccines, in various ways (development or testing), made use of stem cells from aborted babies. This is limited to two lines from two babies from 36 and 48 years ago. I was able to obtain the vaccine that is less morally problematic, but it is still problematic. I was present in the White House when President George W. Bush limited research to such lines and ensured that no others would be taken from later or current abortions. We gave thanks for that. But this remains an ethical quandary…”

(You may read the entirety of his commentary here: Please be advised that based on the extensive work that I and many others have participated in over the last two years with Mad Christian Mondays ( tracking the moving target of inoculation science and the media narratives driven by bizarre misinformation alliance between Silicon Valley and various public voices, regarding death rates, hospitalizations and the effectiveness of the gene therapy technologies many of Harrison’s comments in his fourth paragraph are simply misleading. At worst, they are outright incorrect, as there is significant debate amidst the medical and scientific communities regarding things Harrison claims to “know.” For example, consider this recent interview by Lifesite News with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA inoculation technologies used by both Pfizer and Moderna (
I broach this with you, firstly, because our Synodical President has. Secondly, because I hope that you will continue to inform yourself, rather than take on assumption the claims of anyone in these matters, whether myself, Governor Pritzger or anyone on your screens. If anything is clear, it is the case that nothing is clear like it used to be. 

Since March 2020, I have striven to keep St. Paul a community that will not be divided over “stories from far away,” where regardless of our various lives, challenges and choices in the misinformation age, we seek our unity in what we can know for certain: the Scriptures of Jesus Christ

As your pastor, I have endeavored to keep many things “that I know” to myself or to private conversations, even though I deeply believe there are many risks to life and livelihood at play, especially for young people. But I also know that I am only one man, and that no matter how certain I may be about what I have seen or learned online, I am as likely to be deceived as you are. The more we all bear with each other in such humility, the more the Truth is certain to reign among us from the sure and certain holy places of our God.

If there is anything I have not been loud enough about, it is the use of aborted baby parts in development and testing of these vaccines, particularly the evident effort of the pharmaceutical community both continue such research and hide its implications from the faithful. I am convinced that our God will forgive us all sins of ignorance as his people. But I am just as convinced that he will not bless the prospect of a nation that builds its future on the exploitation and sacrifice of children, even if it is “only” two babies’ partial bodies kept partially alive in petri dishes since 1973. Christ, have mercy! Such things ought not be!
He is risen! “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28). “Trust in the Jesus Christ with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).

And remember, Jesus Christ is sufficient to save you from all things, whether pestilence, famine, lies, thefts, false science, election fraud, conspiracy theories and all other works of deceit the Evil One seeks to employ against on you in this age of darkness.

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:115-16.)
And above all, never forget, “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Corinthians 12:9). 

Rev Fisk

Small Demons

person about to catch four dices
The rise in the death toll was difficult to perceive at first.

A “1% rise in cardiac enigmatic events in genetically-modified people per year compounding” is a dull headline. It went largely unreported by the Ministry of News for the first two decades of treatments. By the time the exogenous leukemias set in, “normal” rates of heart attack were demolishing people groups, reducing family survivability by 15%. “Anticancer mRNA protocols” added to the quarterly boosters didn’t stem the bleeding. It was a long time before most people were able to notice or begin to realize that no one was having children.

By the time my grandfather died, the world population had entirely collapsed. Thank God he built that ark….

The Game

“They” tease you busy, expending endless spiritual energies (“feelings”) on things you can do nothing about, in order to wear you down until you’re too impotent to do any of the righteous things you can do something about. 
Don’t let them.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

You can’t handle the truth

“The Science” is at it again… Nature has reported that evolutionary biologists are trying to find genetic clues as to why homosexuality exists. Homosexuality is an evolutionary paradox, in that it is barren by design and doesn’t belong in a “survival of the fittest” view of evolution. Although every study that has set out to prove that “gayness” is an immutable, genetic trait has been flawed and dubious, the idea that people are “born this way” is unquestioned by many.

The late Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy argued for same-sex marriage on the basis that it was unfair to penalize people who’s “immutable nature dictates” who they love. With all that in mind, scientists are now studying whether homosexuality evolved to “help” heterosexual humans reproduce. (You’ll just have to read it for yourself…) It is not impossible to imagine that the Fall has corrupted humankind, right down to the genetic level, but it is unlikely scientists will add that to their theories. And would they want to hear what God says on the subject, anyway? 

In another round of scientific overreach, a recent article from NPR claimed that a medieval warrior found buried in Finland was probably “non-binary.” The evidence? The person was buried with weapons and jewellery. You can’t make this stuff up…

And that didn’t take long… OnlyFans has reversed the decision to ban sexually explicit content from its platform. Assurances from credit merchants that they wouldn’t stop payments from being processed, along with backlash from “sex workers,” means the show goes on.

Smells like a lawsuit

Daily Wire is reporting that over 3000 doctors and health professionals have filed a lawsuit against President Biden’s mandate that would require them to preform transgender procedures.

The Hustle has noted that the wedding industry is going gangbusters and wonders whether that one boom may lead to another. Perhaps Toys R Us thinks it knows. After going bankrupt a few years ago, the retailer is set to open 400 outlets within Macy’s stores.

And because it’s 2021… The famous cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album featured a baby in his birthday suit. That baby is all grown up and is suing the band for child pornography. Look out, Raphael, your cherubs could be next!

Elections, voting and ballots. Oh my!

The quest for integrity in elections continues in the US, with voting anomalies still being investigated around the country. PJ Media reported that almost 15 million mail-in ballots for the 2020 election are unaccounted for. 

The desire of Democrats to increase their ability to stay in power is evidenced in recent bills. Senator Ted Cruz stayed up very late recently to defeat the HR-1 bill, which pushed for lots of sketchy things, such as ballot harvesting and impulsive re-districting. The new HR-4 bill being considered by Senate appears to be the same thing  but with a coat of paint. Cleta Mitchell at The Federalist outlines why it is dangerous.

Texas Democrats who ran away to Washington to avoid Governor Abbott’s special session have returned to Houston. The session was to vote on Voter ID laws, with the bill now passing to the Senate.

The Supreme Court has stuck down President Biden’s eviction moratorium with howls of protest coming from the wokest of Congressmen— while they continue to collect rent themselves.

Who’s watching the henhouse

Vice has reported on the potential dangers of “netflow data.” It is an “open secret” in cybersecurity that Internet Service Providers collect data about which computer is connected to which, even across VPNs. Ostensibly, this is justified as a method of tracking stolen data but a threat intelligence firm says there is nothing to stop the bad actors, or our own governments from buying the information.

While we’re talking about privacy, Wired  has highlighted the rise of “geofence” warrants issued by police and law enforcement. A “geofence” request is an investigative technique that “collects data from any user’s device that was in a specified area within a certain time range.”

Billionaire spaceman, Jeff Bezos, is suing NASA after the space agency chose SpaceX to build its lunar landing vehicle. It would seem that a lot of Bezos’ crack talent see it as a fail, with CNBC reporting that many top engineers left after the bid fell through.

Apparently, iPhone 7 charges faster if users changed the region setting to France.


The biggest COVID news last week was that the Pfizer vaccine was given full approval from the FDA. Mainstream media outlets and Dr. Fauci seem to think that this move settles the matter of “vaccine hesitancy” and have called for more vaccine mandates. So after all the flip-flopping, all the censoring of dissenting voices, apparently all we needed was a branch of government to give us the thumbs up and now we’re good to go? Don’t think that’s how trust works…

Delta Airlines is laying down the law, telling employees to get the jab or pay their own health insurance. Other airlines are still deciding whether to mandate vaccination for their employees.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has been taking a lot of heat for many of his policies, with haters in the media mis-reporting COVID deaths in the state. Many headlines and tweets relayed that over 900 people had died in the state in a day. However, in reality that was the total number of deaths for a month. This is just another reminder to keep your wits about you when you read the headlines.

Governor DeSantis recently signed an executive order, banning schools from imposing masks on students. A judge, however, has kicked back against the Order, claiming that DeSantis has overstepped his authority. So, to sum up: a governor ensuring parents have control over their kids’ health is “overstepping authority” but a judge ruling that kids without masks endanger the lives of others is not? Studies have led experts to conclude that there is a “lack [of] credible evidence for the benefits of masking kids.” Something about pots and kettles comes to mind.

The Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has banned vaccine mandates for government employees.

A study by Britain’s National Health Service found that nitric oxide nasal spray reduced viral load in patients with mild COVID symptoms. The treatment may reduce the progression of the disease. Meanwhile, India is trialing a DNA vaccine

A report commissioned by President Biden into the origins of the novel coronavirus has returned as inconclusive. Officials aim to declassify sections of the report in the next few days.

The French Resistance: Diners in French turned picnics into a protest against vaccine mandates, which are required for dining-in. The picnickers enjoyed their meals on the pavement, right outside quiet restaurants. 

I Can’t Believe It

The primary cause of exploitation is not imagining that exploitation is possible.

Refusal to acknowledge the obvious presence of dark principalities is granting permission for their demonic influences.

The generational effect of demonic principalities is the normalization of psychopathy. Driven to and fro, the maddened ideologue/idolater will say and do anything, even polar opposite things, in order to maintain the fragile illusion of a grasp on a sane story. All the while, civilization collapses around the flapping of his arms.

“See. I have told you beforehand.”

Own the red letters. Today is still going precisely according to plan. The conspiracy is to silence your confidence in these.

The Taliban taught the world that there is no more sure bet than a zealous insurgency. The Bible is just as clear that there is no insurgency greater than that of the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ in you for such a time as this.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

Enemies of my enemies are my friends

In a weird moral victory, OnlyFans, a kind of Instagram for creators of sexually explicit content, announced last week that it was getting out of the pornography business. Sort of. While nudity is still allowed, pressure from credit companies and backers means the company is trying to shake its reputation as a “safe place” for sex workers to make money.

It is a strange world we find ourselves in, where the restraining of evil is helped by unexpected players. The alliances between atheists and the pro-life cause, the much lambasted feminists who resist transgender indoctrination, the Chinese government’s clout which tempers Hollywood’s desire to go full woke. On moral issues in our community, Mad Christians may find we have allies in unusual places. May you live in interesting times, they say. That’s for sure!

Masks and vaccines yada yada

The war over mask mandates is continuing, with a number of “red states” banning compulsory masking. Local school officials in Texas are challenging the bans, saying they will continue to require students to mask up.

But even CNN recognizes that fresh air is good for kids.

And the war over vaccines is also raging. The CDC has warned of “significant decline” in vaccine effectiveness and has called for booster shots. Some scientists say the push for booster shots is premature and that the evidence for dwindling immunity is not compelling. The Delta variant of SARS-CoV2 appears to be spreading easily through vaccinated people.

The zeal of the pro-vaccine crowd is running hot, with a story out of Washington about a heart transplant patient being removed from the organ waiting list, after confirming he won’t take a COVID vaccine. (H/T to @alisha for that story.) For Mad Christians who are avoiding the vaccine, we need to be aware of the rhetoric that is building. After President Biden said recently that the unvaccinated are prolonging the pandemicWashPo columnist (and former head of Planned Parenthood ) Leana Wen wrote that America needs to return to indoor masking, and that it is all the fault of the unvaccinated. 

The University of Virginia has disenrolled 238 unvaccinated students
A Broadway critic has been dunking on an actress who withdrew from a production due to its mandatory vaccination policy. 
ZeroHedge has collected examples of animus against people who are not vaccinated and it is kinda insane.

So, don’t feed the trolls— they seem to live off human misery. 

The march of the vaccine regime is not without pushback, though. New York restauranteurs are suing Mayor de Blasio over vaccine segregation, saying it will cost them their livelihoods.

Rev Fisk asked us to pass on the Rutherford Institute’s guidelines for requesting vaccine exemption at work.  

We present once again, the famous based Canadian gym bro, who predicted all this and more.