0132 The Trouble with Repentance

Is the problem me, or is it you? What if it’s all of us?   What if the greatest danger is getting trapped in an argument about whether or not there is any danger? 

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0126 Daughter of the Witch Queen (Minor Inconveniences Excursus)

The story of Athalia and Joash is brought to a conclusion as we tangent to the nth degree while learning the order of the minor prophets.

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Attention, Terminated.

Tristan Harris, a recent guest on the Tim Ferriss show, pointed out that the influence of youtube now surpasses that of Christianity. He’s right, and we’re mad if we refuse to consider the implications.

Plus! Grayscalling your iphone, Phlippians 4, and, best of all, new music! 

Tristan Harris on Tim Ferriss: https://tim.blog/2019/09/19/tristan-harris/ 

How to Grayscale your iphone (now that you know why you should): https://www.iphonelife.com/blog/5/tip-day-how-turn-grayscale-mode-ios-8

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0123: Because…Aliens!!!

Joe Rogan and Everlast dish out the end of religion as we know it, but I’m not taking it sitting down any more than I did when the reapers tried to overrun the planet. I also discover a new audio which almost becomes a distraction, or does it? Plus, bonus commentary on ELCA feedback to Bryan Wolfmueller’s and my recent tennis match. 


Goodbye forever, Audacity: https://www.presonus.com/products/studio-one/get-studio-one

Rogan and Everlast (f-bomb incoming so beware!) https://www.jrepodcast.com/episode/joe-rogan-experience-1339-everlast/

Augustine Wolf ain’t kidding around, or is he? https://thehowlingwolf.podbean.com/

Mike Rolando maybe should change it to Rockford Taco, or maybe The 815 Saga. Let him know: https://mrolo.podbean.com/

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0122: Tattoos, Babies, Shame, w/ Zion Under Siege Deep Dive

The Mad Christian podcast, Episode 0122: Two hours! First hour digs deep into recent wrestlings with the way we let shame sabotage our good works. Second hour deep dives into the lives and times of the last five kings of Judah, the original fall of Jerusalem and the rise of Babylon to ancient power. 

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FIXED!!! 0120 Fearless Faith in a Martyr’s World

I don’t know what on earth went wrong, but its fixed now!

Bryan Wolfmueller and I catch up after a summer of madness, and in the course of two hours get into everything from the end of the world to everbook. Enjoy!

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