The (Tech) Blob

You are next in the queue: Google says its going ahead with its acquisition of Fitbit, although the DOJ still hasn’t made its final anti-trust decision.

 A Stanford University study claims that facial tracking software can determine your political affiliation with scary levels of accuracy. Not sure how they do that, maybe the MAGA tattoos give it away? Seems crazy in this era when identity politics claim your physical appearance is unrelated to who you really are. Try playing a game of Guess Who these days.

Don’t forget your password! Lots of Bitcoin is locked up worldwide, as owners misplace the private keys needed to access the cryptocurrency. Consider the poor fellow who is trying to remember the password to $240m worth of Bitcoin. He has two guesses left.

Life goes on.line

Lifesite News has reported that Los Angeles schools are insisting that students are vaccinated for Covid before they are allowed to return to school. Dr. Scott Atlas called it for what it is: “This is the most irrational public policy probably in modern history. Children have virtually zero risk of getting a serious complication, virtually zero risk of dying … You don’t lockdown the children because you are personally afraid. That’s totally outrageous.”

A statement from the organizers of the annual March For Life has confirmed they will host a “virtual” event this year, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone. 

Space-age Wine (Con’t)

Now you can fly me to the moon in a balloon. Well, near enough. Space Perspective will take up where the air is rarified.

Life may have slowed down a little over the last year, but as it turns out the earth has been spinning a little faster than usual in recent decades. Scientists have added “leap seconds” to the year to keep their clocks running accurately.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s an indoor drone! Think of it as a flying security guard, so no more playing Galaga in your cubicle.

In a weird Big Brother move, Tom Cruise has apparently paid a bunch of money for two robots to patrol the set of his latest film. Cruise recently lashed out at crew members who weren’t observing physical distancing, warning that production would be shut down if they didn’t comply. 

Thor wants his hammer back

The horn-hatted barbarian, Jake Angeli, who became the cosplay face of the Capitol riot has offended the heathens. Norse pagans and Scandi heathens say they are distressed that symbols of their religion are being used by “white supremacists.” Perhaps Angeli is a pagan too, as Dr. Koontz suggested on last week’s Brief History of Power. 

David Marcus argued at The Federalist  that President Trump was not responsible for inciting violence and that there was no insurrection. Evidence is emerging that people were breaching the perimeter of the Capitol building well before President Trump’s speech was finished, which shows there is more to the story than the prevailing narrative suggests.

Fell Deeds Awake Cont’

By Rev. Benjamin Steenbock

Don’t be distracted. Don’t get consumed by the white noise. It is not incumbent upon you to get outraged over a few petty crimes committed by people who, on another day in the not-too-far-flung future, may become our brothers in Christ, allies on the spiritual battlefield. By all means, condemn sin when you see it. But your breath is better spent condemning the life-stealing, soul-destroying chaos spread every day by the godless elites (on the “left” and “right”) who are making our country a totalitarian, godless, nightmare. If you must express your outrage, spend your breath condemning that storm.

But there’s a better way to spend your breath.

Pray. Pray God’s Word. Inwardly digest the wisdom of his Word. Gather your family to do the same. Join with brothers at your congregation to encourage and build one another up. Be bound together tightly with God’s Word that, together, the Old Evil Foe must flee from you, for Christ, the Word Made Flesh, is at your side. “Though an attacker can overpower one person, two people together can stand up against him. A rope with three strands is not quickly snapped” (Ecclesiastes 4:12 EHV).

The D.C. protest was a blessing from God. It opens our eyes to two important facts.

First, this is our time. We see clearly that there are millions of men in this country who will no longer lie down and quietly let evil men rule. We are prepared, by the Lord, to invite them to join us as warriors. We are prepared to give them the perfect weapon, Christ, a “polished arrow” (Isaiah 49:2), polished in his holy blood, an instant poison to the flesh, but a salve of life to those whose hearts he pierces. Yes, we are prepared to redirect their fury toward a righteous wrath—a righteous wrath to raise their sons in God’s holiness; a righteous wrath to destroy evil with Truth proclaimed; a righteous wrath to seize authority in their community, use it for good, and condemn wickedness. The Lord has chosen us for this time and given us everything we need to fight and win with righteous wrath.

Second, victory is not as far away as it seems. The wicked have sown the seeds of their own ruin. Their evil will overtake them. They have so thoroughly suppressed godly masculinity they no longer know how to face it. When godly men stand and live out the Truth of Christ, the wicked will fall. They will fall hard. They must, for “The Righteous One carefully watches the house of the wicked. He throws the wicked down to ruin” (Proverbs 21:12).

The red dawn of Judgment comes. It will be bathed in blood (cf. Revelation 14:20). While there is still time, we ride forth with rescue–the unfailing Word and power of Christ.

Do not be distracted. Ride forth. Meet the enemy’s lies. No longer can we slumber in this spiritual warfare. No. “Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath; now for ruin; and the red dawn!”

Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

📚 You can rent books by the foot to make you look smarter in your next Zoom meeting

🌞 Korea’s artificial sun sets record temperature of 100 million degrees

🎮 Epic Games has bought a mall for its new headquarters

📍 Drones will have to broadcast their location by 2023

🦰 Sunsetting: all the redheaded comic characters that have been “race-swapped”

📋 Copy and paste strikes again: Brexit documents mention Netscape and Mozilla Mail. Oops!

A Good Word: Rec’s from Rev. Fisk

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