Cities and first world problems

The collective area of the world’s cities has doubled over last 20 years as edges of urban centres expand. A study out of China found that “more than 400 million [Chinese] farmers have left their land for the cities since 2000. And in the three years from 2011, the cement produced in China surpassed the output of the US for the entire 20th century, according to industry figures.” The trend for expanding cities is also seen in the US, but for different reasons. 

And to Norway, where a wokester has decided people need to know everything that’s wrong with his city’s history. Markus Moestue has come up with a “Critical Map” of Oslo, which highlights the sites that are must-see for Progressive tourists. These include a statue of Norway’s national hero (a slave owner), the residence of the royal family, who perpetuate inequality by being rich, and the HQ of an evil oil company who use their money to promote their business. If Mosestue sees his dream come true, more people will make maps like these and hate their cities too. So be sure to pack your outrage!