Would you like a question answered on the show? Want to request Pastor Fisk as a speaker at your event? Would you like to join other Mad Christians on our Discord server? This is the place.

Please read the following before you hit “submit”:

Please note that due to the surplus of emails, Pastor Fisk cannot respond to every one individually. Pastor Fisk does read them all, taking their suggestions, ideas and concerns into account both in terms of his production and his prayers, and select those inputs which he believes will most benefit the Mad Christian network to address on the show Stop the White Noise with Jonathan and Meridith which airs Saturdays (generally) from 9:00-11:00 am CT on

The longer your message, the less likely he will be able to adequately respond to it. Punctuation, paragraph spaces and gentility are all appreciated!

Pastor Fisk does not make a habit of extending online pastoral care to those who are not connected to his parish. Please seek a local pastor for your needs, as this is the way our Lord has instituted for your needs to be met.

(We will not reveal your full name publicly but if you don’t let us know who you are, Pastor Fisk will never respond privately.)

By submitting this request for information, I acknowledge that this is not a request for pastoral care but rather for public teaching via the normal channels published on this site.