Deep shadow state

Kylee Sempel, writing at The Federalist has documented the glaring differences between when the Left denies service and when the Right does. Barring a sitting President from using your service is keeping the peace, but not baking a cake to celebrate a gay wedding is bigotry. As Dr. Koontz has pointed out, labeling any unacceptable viewpoint as “domestic terrorism” is a great way to justify a heavy-handed approach. Who is going to argue if you’re saving the world from potential violence?In the meantime, Turkey is moving to prevent what a spokesman called “digital fascism” by banning advertising on social media platforms. Poland is legislating to make it illegal for Twitter to ban accounts. So not everyone is sitting on their hands. It’ll be interesting to watch.

An awesome piece from Michael Solana last week laid out the issues surrounding Silicon Valley’s ability to cancel Donald Trump’s accounts. He highlights that if “Trump can no longer communicate or raise funds at scale, a small handful of unelected tech executives just ended a president’s political career.” He concludes that “Silicon Valley is our nation’s shadow capital…welcome to the shadow state. It is not a democracy… ” The internet, he writes, is “the gateway through which almost our entire democracy is conducted” and Solana argues that having just a handful of gatekeepers controlling who gets to participate and who doesn’t is very worrying. “Presently, Americans are living in a world in which the Chinese Communist Party is operating freely across the internet, and our sitting President is not.”

Update: Twitter has locked the account of the Chinese Embassy in the USA.