Dude Looks Like a Lady

Matt Walsh wrote recently to warn how the Left wants to feminize men. He points out how Progressive media will mock anyone for making a big deal out the the very thing they just made a big deal out of.

Exhibit A: Harry Styles wearing a dress. Styles’ recent photo shoot drew breathless admiration from fellow celebrities, describing him as the epitome of confidence, a man “devoid of any traces of toxic masculinity.” Yet when Ben Shapiro and other conservatives point to the absurdity of the whole situation, they are painted as making a big deal out of nothing.

Walsh says that the identity politics crowd will never succeed in a the genderless utopia they dream of, but creating an environment where “boys are made to be more feminine, and girls more masculine” leads to confusion as neither has any idea who they really are. Confusion, says Walsh, is the ultimate objective. “People who have good arguments don’t bother with mind games like these.” Well said.