Free-range oligarchs

WhatsApp gives its users an ultimatum: share your data with Facebook or go away. 

Now that Joe and Jill are going up the Hill (yeah, we know, that’s not exactly correct, but it wouldn’t have been as fun), Twitter has finally banned President Trump from its platform.

Great Reset: The World Economic Forum has found that people are in favor “significant change” in a post-COVID world. What a co-inky-dink!

Nasdaq wants to delist any company who’s board is not “diverse” enough

With the demise of Flash, the lights also went out on FarmVille. This piece looks at the groundbreaking aspects of the game and how its mechanics are “staples” for many games today. It’s a fascinating case study in how player attention was monetized. From real-time loops, collecting items, and mystery boxes, “it’s kind of hard to overstate the impact of FarmVille as it is so integral to the explosion of social and free-to-play gaming.”