Go back to the shadow

Just when you think it’s safe to take your eye off the hellish monster that is the Sexual Revolution, its fiery tentacles latch, Balrog-style, onto the nearest convenient object. News came this week that the character of Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy, will be bisexual in a new Marvel comic. It’s a ‘no’ from me.

While the war for our children wages on, LGBTQ activists have suggested that puberty blockers should be given to every kid, until they decide what “gender” they wish to be. But in better news from the frontline, a landmark case out of the UK has been won by Kiera Bell. Bell is a 23 year-old woman who was prescribed cross-sex hormones when she was 16 and wanting to be a boy.

She regrets transitioning and says the clinic “should have challenged me more.” The drugs were prescribed after three one-hour sessions at a mental health clinic. The UK High Court ruled that puberty-blocking drugs are no longer allowed to be prescribed to under-16s without a court order. It’s a small victory, but we’ll take it.