God’s good green earth

Farmers have staged a weeks-long protest blocking streets in Delhi, India. India’s farmers represent about 50% of the population and new regulations introduced by the government, leave room for large corporations to move in and dominate markets. One spokesman said the farmers “have the resources to mobilize support, and to continue the protest for a long time. They have also been very successful in keeping the protest really focused.” Looks like they cook up a storm too…

Bill and Melinda Gates own the most American farmland.

Rare earth metals, which are used extensively in fuel cells and batteries, have become a key component in a lot of modern tech gear. Rare earths have become a bargaining chip in international trade wars, with China supplying around 80% of the global demand. Mining companies have been putting pressure on the Biden administration to ramp up production of rare earths in the US to reduce dependence on China, but “green” groups are not happy about it.

Soil sequestration of carbon may not be the silver bullet climate activists claim it is.

A shiny new tunnel has just been completed under the sea in the Faroe Islands. The islands, which lay between Iceland and Norway, are home to many small communities. It is hoped that the tunnel will cut travel time for folks who work in the capital, enabling them to continue living in remote towns.