Let’s talk about China. Again.

 The Communist-ruled nation of China was rarely out of the headlines last year and this was warranted. Douglas Murray has written many pieces advising the West to get out of its sour relationship with China. His article for The Sun provides a list of all the reasons. 

Here are more: A Chinese supplier of components for AppleAmazon and Tesla has been accused of using slave labor. The Daily Caller compiled a list of companies also linked to the forced labor of Uighur workers. 

Chinese journalists who reported on COVID got punished.

The National Pulse has reported that many Western media corporations are being courted by an organization known as the “China–United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF)”. The CUSEF is a Communist Party-funded group seeking to “garner favorable coverage” from news providersVariety reported that Chinese-owned company Tencent has increased its holding in Universal Music.

Meanwhile, China’s richest man, Jack Ma has attempted to get back in the good graces of the Communist Government after it scuppered the Ant Group’s IPO, wiping billions off its value. You know what they say about the men who fly too close to the sun.. Especially if the sun doesn’t like competition.