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Easter 4: De-Normalization

Easter 3: There Will be Riots

Easter 2: Augmented Reality Sucks More than You’d Think

Easter: I See

Palm Sunday: What You Lack

Lent 5: One Year Later

Lent 4: Don’t Change

Lent 3: Long Prayers

Lent 2: Sex. Drugs. And CU Portland.

Lent 1: Neo-marxist “critical race theory”

Transfiguration: Modern Lies- Chronological Order

Epiphany 5: Fight Back

Epiphany 4: English is Falling Apart

Epiphany 3: Repentance is a Dish

Epiphany 2

Epiphany 1: It’s All a Myth

Christmas 2: Paranoia is the Feeling that You Have Been Lied To

Christmas 1: The Fullness

MadPxSpecial: Merry Christmas!

Advent 4: The Day of Death is Better than the Day of Birth

Advent 3: Vaccine Update Spectacular

Advent 2: Back in the Better Game

Advent 1: To You or For You?

Pentecost 25: War is Coming

Pentecost 24: Teknae’s Swollen Hermeneutic

Pentecost 23: The Devil at Your Fingertips

All Saints’ Day: Matrilineal Ministryx

Reformation: The Devil You Lie To Yourself About

Pentecost 20: Vote “I Know What I’m Talking About”

Pentecost 19: The Promise Is Not Idle

Pentecost 18: Fractal-izing Age-ing

Pentecost 17: Trump, The Devil I Know

Pentecost 16: Politics, Pandemics, and Empty Pulpits

Pentecost 15: Living the Self-Evident Dream

Pentecost 14: Radical Priests and Where to Find Them

Pentecost 13: In Quiet Shall Be Your Strength

Pentecost 12: What Kind of Bread?

Pentecost 11: The New Resolution

Pentecost 10: I Wrote a Book

Pentecost 9: The –isms and the I AM

Pentecost 8: Do You Have a Hero?

Pentecost 7: Kill your TV

Pentecost 6: Ozymantifa

Pentecost 5: On the Risk Assessment of Civil War

Pentecost 4: All the This’es

Pentecost 3: In Our Father’s Hand

Pentecost 2: Lord, Have Mercy

Trinity Sunday: Anchors Away

Pentecost: In the Light

Easter 7: The Way of Outer Power

Easter “42”

Easter 5: God Speaks and It Is

Easter 4: Angels vs Aliens

Easter 3: Between a Rock and No Rocks

Easter 2: The More Things Change…

Easter Sunday: Holy Tuesday, Batman! What happened?

MadPxSpecial: Good Friday

Palm Sunday: Beware Holy Tuesday, My Son!

Lent 5: Putting Fear in Quarantine

Laetare 4: God Redeems the Forsaken

Oculi 3: God is Faithful

Reminiscere 2: The Sun Stands Still

Invocabit 1: The Lord Fights

MadPxMondays: Doubt Fears

MadPxMondays: Substitution Atones

MadPxMondays: Blood Sanctifies

MadPxMondays: Holiness Proximates

MadPxMondays: The Unexpected Source

MadPxMondays: Unexpected Food Nourishes

MadPxMondays: Unexpected Water Kills

MadPxMondays: An Unexpected Light Appears