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  • Calling good evil
    Golgatha  shared an article with Us The Chill Discord, which highlights the rise of anti-natalist movements. While the doomsday book “The Population Bomb” has proven to be grossly mistaken in its prediction that great swathes of humanity would starve as the population exploded, Malthusian ideas have consequences. Today, though the reasons may be different, a… Continue reading Calling good evil
  • The cradle of the world
    Nafthali Bennett has been confirmed as Israel’s Prime Minister, presiding over a coalition of “unprecedentedly diverse” parties. ending the twelve-year term of Benjamin Netanyahu. Historically, the Israeli government has not welcomed Arab political parties, nor have the minority Palestinian-Arab population wanted to join in.  But after four elections in two years, with no clear winner,… Continue reading The cradle of the world
  • Two can play this game
    Vladimir Putin has been trolling as only a super-villain can.  Mr Putin allowed a carefully orchestrated interview with NBC News comparing protests by supporters of his jailed rival, Alexei Navalny to Black Lives Matter rioting last year. Disregarding any facts, Putin said his government is keeping the peace by suppressing his political rivals, in order… Continue reading Two can play this game
  • You just can’t make this stuff up…
    It turns out that bird names are racist. A climate change activist group in New Zealand is disbanding because they are too white. Cicada pizza: “If you can get around the goo and the crunch it’s really good.” SMH: The Atlantic says that individualism will prolong the pandemic. As it turns out the media got a few things wrong: President Trump did not… Continue reading You just can’t make this stuff up…
  • Don’t borrow thoughts
    Buy the best ones you can find, and exchange the more recent ones for them, dearly. The white noise works by overwhelm. You don’t know what you’re losing out the back door when the input volume is cranked to the maximum. Disorientation is not entertaining. Unless you are addicted to it. Till angel cry and trumpet sound,The… Continue reading Don’t borrow thoughts
  • Quickhits for the eyebuds
    ️ Crazy footage: flying round a tornado in a glider🧯 “High anxiety” waterslide goes up in flames🧫 Weird creeping slime can problem-solve Soccer mega-star Christiano Ronaldo snubbed Coke at press conference and wiped $4bn value off the company 🥒 Quad-cities pickle wars It’s all kicking off on the office noticeboard🇳🇿 New Zealand houseplant sells for $19K Poll finds that 75% of Catholics think politicians who support abortion should not be communed‍♂️ Dude made a self-driving bicycle🧶 Crochet this! Lobster… Continue reading Quickhits for the eyebuds
  • On the clock
    Anyone who was tuned into Rev Fisk in the twilight months of Life Before Covid, will remember his love/hate relationship with clocks. Joe Zadeh, the writer of a fascinating and philosophical piece for Noema seems to have read the Mad Christian’s mind. Zadeh wanders far and wide with his exploration of how time became “tyrannical”, arguing that a tool… Continue reading On the clock
  • Fight back
    Monday morning is not an emergency. Not unless, of course, your weekend is an attempt to stop living in reality. Fear is the immediate and largely unavoidable psychotic episode of attempting to stop God by a rash and sudden idolatry. Your age does not matter nearly so much as your times, and they not nearly… Continue reading Fight back
  • The brain is a very big place
    The Walrus has published an interesting article on depression, with writer Simon Lewsen explaining how little we know about mental illness. While one theory suggests that a depressed brain is “noisy”, “failing to properly distinguish between salient and irrelevant stimuli”, the majority of research on depression is a “study of symptoms”. The catch-all diagnosis doesn’t denote what… Continue reading The brain is a very big place
  • There’s no place like here
    If you are listening carefully, you may have noticed that it is not just the Mad Christian who has been encouraging people to consider what they want their local community to be, decades from now. Voices calling for a return to localism are getting louder. Frustration with national politics, as well as the space to think that 2020 provided, means… Continue reading There’s no place like here
  • I Am Not Your Disappointment
    Don’t be a prude. That used to mean, “Don’t refuse my advances for premarital sex, baby doll.” The word prudence means, “prescience, foresight, premeditation, brilliance.” The Hebrew word is ערמה (“Armah”). You want you some’a that. No one was ashamed to name the bank “Prudential.” Be a prude. Let them be their own disappointment. Till angel… Continue reading I Am Not Your Disappointment
  • Equality ≠ equity
    Dr. Koontz shared a weighty article with the Us the Chill Discord crowd, written by Christopher Caldwell. Caldwell argues in his piece that “equity,” as it is used by the progressive Left, is not what most people assume it is. He writes that many view equity as being a new name for the decades-old concept of “affirmative action.” But… Continue reading Equality ≠ equity
  • Ask it why
    The next time you are afraid, ask it “why?” Don’t act. Don’t move. Don’t fix. Don’t save. Instead, feel the fear. Breathe it. Find it pulsing in you bones like an energy. A fire. There, burning in your fear, but not driven by it, learn the message for your soul: the clarity of your weakness.… Continue reading Ask it why
  • Take this job and shove it
    Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, has opted his state out of federal unemployment supplements and other benefits, saying that people need meaningful employment, not government handouts. Businesses across the country are struggling to find workers, as stimulus payments outstrip wages in retail and hospitality jobs. President Biden says people want to work – but only if the price is right.. Teen Vogue,… Continue reading Take this job and shove it
  • Follow the science
    My, how things have changed.. It was not that long ago that anyone who baulked at the idea of lockdowns and wearing masks was shouted down as a “science-denier.” While the data has been bearing out the idea that lockdowns don’t make much difference, now even the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for masks. Emma… Continue reading Follow the science

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