Speaking of the impact of social media…

Spying on Your Kids… is Your JOB
This insightful article from Wired magazine should behoove more Christian parents to take action in addressing the challenge of monitoring their media literate children. While protecting our kids from being absorbed into the hive mind of online addictive behaviors and patterns, you might not adopt every rule set out here, but their guidelines are pretty darn good.
Speaking of what kids are doing online these days…
TikTok, Ya Don’t Stop… (“I wanna sex you up”)… and We’re Not Kidding
Are you relieved your kids have moved from YouTube and onto TikTok? Or do you even know? Honestly, TikTok may as well be the favorite TV program for the aliens on the planet Zofar based on Team MadMonday’s (in)ability to understand its appeal.What we do know is that “sex education” has always been the weapon of choice for progressives to capture the minds of youth with carnal sexual ethics. Under the guise of preparing them for real life, sex ed is a Trojan horse by which everything you don’t want your kids to believe about sex will be taught to them. We’re not advocating that parents search every child’s browsing history every day but then again… have you ever searched at all?

Blood Sanctifies

Coming down from the Mount of Transfiguration, we enter the Valley of the Shadow of Darkness and Death. There we find, at the base of the mountain, the God who speaks words to us, insisting on the need of his covenant with us by blood on our behalf. As Moses and the people of Israel received such promises by the word of the Lord, so we too find our Lord Jesus more concerned with the work he comes to do on our behalf than with the expectations we set up for him. The gods of wood and stone are made in the image of men. The spirit of the Lord anoints the Christ with the religion of God.

With the descent into darkness, so also comes the rejection of Jesus, which we will see increase over the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, exiled in darkness as we are, we nonetheless have the full revelation and knowledge of the glory of God from the mountain top. Therefore, we commit ourselves even more to walking with Jesus, all the way to the cross, because we know that on the other side of this darkness is the light of a new dawn, founded on an empty tomb.

Is it All a Conspiracy? No! But Lightbulb Life Is…

You may think planned obsolescence is a modern phenomenon, but the concept started way before Apple’s battery issues. In the 1920’s, a short-lived international cartel, took control of the manufacturing and standardization of light bulbs, the legacy of which has been the insidious discontent we often see today, a response to the constant turnover of new products. It may be hard to believe, but a light bulb hanging in Livermore Fire Station, California, has been burning bright for 118 years. This podcast discusses the problem with the planned failure of technology against the difficulty of shaking the “latest is greatest” attitude.