SMChill071721 The Torment is Fo’Real – Reckon Your Worldview

SMChill071721 The Torment is Fo'Real - Reckon Your Worldview

This week, the Mad Christian speaks about:

Why doesn’t God just save everyone?

Is there criteria to choose worship music?

What are the idols in women’s lives?

What’s the deal with eating blood?

Feeling guilty for sending her kids to school

Hymnals and choosing music

How important is fellowship?

What is the mark of the beast?

A Psalter that doesn’t use ESV?

The opinions expressed on the SMChill are those of RevFisk, but sometimes also God. Studies show that learning to tell the difference greatly enhances your viewing experience. If you need help, the Holy Bible stands ready to assist you, as (hopefully) does your local, trustworthy pastor.

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