“The Strong God” – Ezekiel as Doorway to the Scriptures

01 Against the Hispters and their Lies

Pastor Adam Koontz joins me for an ongoing discussion on the text of Ezekiel. We begin by asking “Why read Ezekiel?” and end up finding that this obscure prophet is terribly important to reading the Bible in our present age.

02 Big Trouble in Little Chaldea

I know, I know. Patrick Swayze is not Kurt Russel and Roadhouse is a totally different movie. How could I be so wrong? But that doesn’t stop this marvelous conversation about the overlap of biblical literacy, Christian discipleship and the terrifying opening vision of Ezekiel from being at least the spitting image of a B-movie from 1986.

03 Being the Wall

Things get personal as we discuss the role of confessing the faith to those who reject it while studying Ezekiel chapter 2.