Quick hits for the eyebuds 07.26.21

🖨️ The world’s first 3-D printed steel bridge
👀 Latest Dune trailer has all the optics
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Your destination: Google maps almost sent people off a cliff
🇨🇳 China has unveiled a maglev train capable of 372mph 
🎈 An enormous balloon to photograph space
🦪 The Tokyo Olympic canoeing course has an oyster problem
🚧Minecraft awesomeness, years in the making 
 Ride along on the Juno spacecraft as it passes Jupiter
🤖 Step up: ICYMI Boston Dynamics’ dancing robots
📎 It looks as if you’re writing a diatribe… Clippy is back (sort of)
🐙 The amazing glass octopus
🦅 Totally stabilized video of a hawk hovering is messing with our heads
🎓 Living vicariously? A study has concluded that parents have better mental health when their kids get college degrees 
🔎 Search for phrases in movies
🧱 Insane Lego installations built inside folk’s walls