Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

🥫 The weirdest food-related crimes of 2020

🤰 Study shows that identical twins accumulate genetic differences in the womb

🧫 Bacteria can tell the time

👾 We might see a Marvel series about the Skrull

🔎 Qapla’! The hi’story of Klingon

🥔 Bucket list: stay at the Idaho potato hotel

🦶🏽  Potato thought to be a human foot prompted a large-scale police search in the UK

 🐕There’s always one: a dog pulls funny pose for every photo

🇬🇧 Thus quoth the raven: Merlina, the Tower of London’s queen raven is missing

🇮🇹 The biggest mafia trial in decades has begun in Italy

🍬 Coca-Cola cut ties with pro-sugar lobby group

🐪 Beware the camel’s nose: Pope Francis says women may read at Mass but says they can’t be priests.