Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

🏠 A 23-bedroom mansion, with a twist

🔌 Back to the future: the Westinghouse “all electric” home from 1950s

☁️ Oregon goes all Studio Ghibli with its tourism ads

⛏️ Cookie Monster rock worth $10K

🦘 Rare white kangaroo born at a New York zoo

⏰ Nice work if you can get it: Tech employees admit to working 3 to 4 hours a day

⏲️ Creatures of habit: Alexa can now act on its “hunches”

🌎 Visualization of countries by share of earth’s surface

⚡ Rare “blue jet” lightning filmed from space

👊 Tesla wants to hire someone to deal with anyone who talks smack about Elon Musk

🔫 Drone swarms are too fast for humans to fight

🧀 Covid restrictions have created a black market for cheesecake in California