Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

🚄 A “hyper-tube” train tested in Korea has achieved a speed of 1000km/h
🔒 A Google VPN… Is that an oxymoron?
🎙️ Deepfakes come for Frank Sinatra and it’s kinda creepy
🌙 Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa probably glows
🌋 Astronomers say they’ve discovered a “hell” planet with lava oceans and raining rocks
🕷️ Steampunk spiders made from clocks and mechanical components
🍗 Three men and a chicken: Some bros have been banned from Yellowstone after trying to cook dinner in a hotspring
📺 Netflix is trialing “linear TV” in areas of France, like, you know, normal TV. Turns out lots of choice can be exhausting.