Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

🎧 Apple hopes to repeat its triumph with an over-ear version of its headphones 

🎨 Sweet graffiti art illusions

⚡ New report suggests US diplomats were attacked in 2016 Cuba using a covert microwave attack

🔱 In Medieval England, you could pay your rent in eels

🚣 A clear winner: a transparent paddle board

✈️ Chuck Yeager, the pilot who first broke the sound barrier has died at 97 

🎮 New Mass Effect trailer dropped at game awards

🎱 South Africa’s lottery is being investigated as 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 were drawn. There were 20 winners

🛒 Goya Foods had a huge uptick in sales after AOC called for a boycott. So they decided to make her employee of the month

💬 How to lose friends and alienate people: Chinese government blocks Australian Prime Minister on WeChat

🇺🇸 Flag waving patriots: 1 vs. Antifa goons: 0

🇯🇵 Market stability: This Japanese shop is 1020 years old

👽 Israeli professor says he’s been in contact with aliens for years