Quick Hits for the Eyebuds 7.5.21

🐶 A runaway pup returns home at 3 am but rings the doorbell 
🔉 A material which would make sound travel backward. Yes, but will it help us understand the plot of Tenet?
 🇻🇪 An 88-year old Venezuelan man has been awarded a FIDE Master chess title
🐑 Mesmerizing footage of sheep herding
🚫 Planned Parenthood gets the shove in Iowa
🎽 Missed his calling: cameraman keeps pace with sprinters
 🚴‍♂️ The Tour de France is considering suing a spectator who caused giant pileup
↔️ Glamping: tiny trailer expands to three times its size
🩸 A blood test that detects 50 types of cancer 
🇿🇦 South African decuplets were a hoax
🎤 A.I. voice technology is putting gaming voice actors out of work 
🔧 A morphing fractal vise
🌌 Battle of billionaires: Richard Branson is aiming to go into space on July 11. Your move, Bezos.
🐛 Silk is pretty amazing stuff🇯🇵 Footage from Japanese landslide is unbelievable
🚘 BMW made a flying car
💵 The G7 gets its wish: 130 nations agree to international corporate tax
🦋 Now you don’t: Glass wing butterflies are awesome
🙊 Edward Snowden is back in the news with fresh allegations of US spying on its allies
📈 Lumber prices have dropped but the cost of alcohol is on the rise.