Quickhits for the eyebuds 07.19.21

🇮🇹 Italian police dressed as priests busted criminals dressed as cardinals
💍 There’s been a run on engagement rings
🔈 Spring-loaded screws turn drywall into sound-absorbing surface
🇧🇷 Brazil’s President hospitalized after ten days of hiccups
🇨🇳 Chinese couple reunited with kidnapped son after 24 years
🐻 A family of bears cool off in Lake Tahoe 
🐐 Hawaii’s goat lottery
🐠 Goldfish dumped in lake grows to 1ft
😆 ICYMI: First-world anarchists 
🐼 For realz? China says the giant panda no longer endangered
💪 Priorities: The Rock had his work out delayed by a hawk killing a snake
🇧🇪 Mass flooding in Belgium and Germany has claimed 180 lives
🦷 Study finds a link between tooth loss and dementia
 Coffee prices are up 
🚀 Billionaires in space
🇩🇪 Germany looking to ban huge porn site
 that refuses to conduct age checks
🇫🇷 Robots making pizza 
🥬 Sometimes vegies are fractal too