QuickHits for the eyebuds 08.16.21

💪 A 1930’s “histomap” tries visualizing world powers for the last 4000 years
🌉 A technical glitch left London’s Tower bridge stuck open
👨‍🚀 NASA is seeking volunteers to live for a year in a Martian-like habitat
🧊 Polar bears sometimes take out walruses by throwing rocks
💩 Fecal transplant in mice reduced brain aging
🛰️ The explosive growth of satellites could impact life on earth
🌠 A loot-loaded asteroid is headed to earth 
⏪ Hawaii’s crazy upside-down waterfall
🤑 A heap of crypto was stolen but then returned
🐘 China’s wandering elephants look like they’re heading home
🏙️ From Yoda’s hut to Hogwarts and more, compare the size of fictional buildings
♿ Disability-friendly clothing
🐴 Archeologists think they’ve found pieces of the Trojan horse
⚾ Most satisfying baseball slide
✈️ Jay Leno stuck his head out of a plane just for yuks 
💥 When your family business is blowing things up
🎵 Britney Spears’ dad says he will step down from being her conservator 
🏓 This one’s for Pastor Wolfmueller: one of the best ping pong rallies ever

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