Quickhits for the eyebuds 08.23.21

🧇 Study: fructose expands the surface area of the gut, increases weight gain
🥫 Survey: US kids getting almost 70% calories from highly processed food
☢️ Scientists say they are at the threshold of nuclear fusion ignition
⌨️ Excel’s autocorrect creates headaches for scientists 
🎵 The crazy world of whistled languages
💥 The quest to find medieval exploding mead, bochet 
🧑‍🚀 Astronauts could garden for self-care 
💵 NASA to study the loot-filled Psyche asteroid. Maybe they can help pay for the government’s trillion dollar bills?
🚀 When the International Space Station orders pizza
🇬🇧 Father and son cross the English Channel by e-foil board
🐈 Cat helps locate 83 year-old owner, who fell down a ravine
☀️ Sri Lankan whizz kid made solar-powered tuk tuk 
🚕 Olympian who almost missed his race, tracked down woman who paid his taxi fare 
🧊 Saw blades to bike on ice 
🐓 The best! A Rube Goldberg machine which uses the rubber chicken Jurassic Park theme 
🇺🇸 Some mighty fine places to check out in the States 
🇷🇺 Pipe dream house: unusual architecture in Russia
🤷 Hacker who stole $600 million in crypto offered a job at company he stole from
🇲🇽 Mexico is suing American firearm manufacturers over gun trafficking
🤢 Hunter Biden at it again 
🏥 A “first response” drone can be deployed from standby by city emergency services 
🇨🇳 Chinese crypto miners are heading to Texas 
🤖 Disneyland may some day replace actors with walking animatronic robots 

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