Quickhits for the eyebuds 08.30.21

📶 The T-Mobile hacker stole data through an unsecured router
🥔 Scientists added human genes to a potato
🧠 Apparently, psychopaths don’t move their heads when they speak
🗽 Father and 9 year-old son biked 3300 miles across America to visit Lady Liberty
🌳 Circular gardens in Senegal designed to beat back the desert 
🍜 Low in calories: crocheted pasta🛹 A 70mph downhill skateboard run in Switzerland
🏞️ Stealth mode: an “invisible” house in the California desert
 🌄 We can’t get enough of drone footage. This one is of the incredibly tall Angel Falls
🔥 Ready or not: Flamin’ hot Mountain Dew is coming
🤦‍♂️ Filling a radiator: You’re doing it wrong
🎞️ Crazy 8-bit style stop-motion made with Lego…complete with a natty chip tune.
🔀 The confusing task of identifying seals and sea lions made simple. Sort of.🦆 Maine had a giant rubber duck but now it’s gone
🌎 Compensating for Mercator: visualizing the true size of countries
🎃 Pumpkin spice is back🇯🇵 Japan has tested a rotating detonation engine in space
 🐚 Mapping the sea floor with submarines

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