Quickhits for the eyebuds 09.13.21

🍺 Well-aged: 9000 year-old beer found in China 
🎹 Four year-old piano prodigy can’t appear at Carnegie Hall because she’s too young to get vaccinated
🗝️ A single laser through keyhole can reveal everything in a room
🧫 “Bioleaching” uses bacteria to recover metals from e-waste
🗜️ Whimsical woodcarving
🇫🇷 Rare gold coins found in walls of a French mansion
🐢 A mushroom film that took fifteen years to make 
♞ An official rule change in chess
🇩🇪 Little green men: Germany’s ampelmannchen traffic lights⚔️ LOTR changed movie battle scenes forever
🚜 An interesting mix: a housing complex with its own farm
🏦 A tenth of Americans don’t have a bank account
🏆 Almost like the real thing: tilt-shift drone photography turns the world into amazing “miniatures”
👮 A 79 year-old man has been charged with a decades-long toner cartridge scam
🆓 Britney Spears’ conservatorship may be dissolved
🐋 The odd history of ambergris☕ Got skills? Scientists are studying how humans can walk while holding coffee
☀️ But MUH Netflix! A solar storm could knock out the internet
🇸🇬 Singapore police have deployed “snitch bots” for social order🚰
 Johns Hopkins is studying drinking water safety
💊 The trailer for Matrix 4 has dropped to much applause. It will be interesting to see if the sequel gets swallowed by ideology. The Wachowski brothers became the Wachowski sisters in recent years, claiming the original trilogy was a trans analogy all along.

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