Quickhits for the Eyebuds May 10 21

🚗 A Toyota engine that sips hydrogen
‍♂️ Peloton has recalled all its treadmills 
🇧🇪 The government of Belgium experienced a massive Denial of Service attack
🚀 The NASA Parker Solar Probe, the world’s fastest space ship (320,000 mph) is very close to the sun
🦈 Sharks use the earth’s magnetic field like a compass
🇬🇧 Hold my beer: the Royal Navy has jet packs!
 ⚠️ The earthquake early warning system now covers entire West coast
🍝 Voodoo flatpack pasta
🇧🇪 Don’t move the ancient stones: A Belgian farmer moved the border of France
🐙 Blackwater photography showcases some of God’s most interesting critters
🦑 A Japanese town used COVID relief money to build a giant squid
🇨🇳 Danish-designed Chinese Oppo HQ is a big loop
🕶️ These armored vehicle drivers are crazy calm while being shot at during a heist attempt
🎙️ If dads did press conferences
🔌 Climate vs crypto: how much energy does Bitcoin use?
 📷 Giant Joe and Jill 
🎨 Mind blown: photo real modern George Washington
🤧 The Biden government has officially added sesame to the list of major allergens.
🚴‍♂️ Still as funny as ever: Elderly Belgian man has a narrow garage

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