As the author of multiple best-sellers in Lutheran Christianity, Pastor Fisk is a highly dynamic, internationally recognized teacher, equipped to engage your group on a variety of highly relevant spiritual topics.

Pastor Fisk is striving to step back from the speaking scene to focus on video and writing projects. However, he will still consider speaking requests as well as recommend other excellent presenters for your event.

Send inquiries through the contact page.


The Quest for Being Wise: A deep dive into the core teachings of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes

The Crisis of Postmodernism and the Loss of Christian Authenticity: A crash course in Western civics with a careful eye on the recent decline in church attendance and taking steps as a congregation to undo its root causes.

Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating: The Small Catechism as you’ve never heard it before.

Christian Parenting in a Rudderless Age: Combating Progressive Decline with the Authority of Scripture

AC in an Hour: The Augsburg Confession as Ultimate Tool for Evangelism and Witness

The Gospel of Meaninglessness: Embracing Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation as Spiritual Practice for a Freed Conscience

The Secret Gospel: Learning to Evangelize the way the Apostles did it.

The Devil’s Soup and God’s Solution: Learning to discern the spices the devil uses to make his one-trick lie taste better. Based on the book BROKEN.

Understanding Revelation in Three Hours or Less: Everything you need to know to no longer be confused by one of the greatest works of glorious purpose ever written.

Not Until I Say “I Do”: Marriage and Dating in gray and latter days.

Not Letting the Zombie Apocalypse Get You Down: Confronting the real threats of “this present darkness” with the certainty of the Gospel and the conviction that we are immortals now.

Progressive Mortification: Rediscovering the virtue of being opposed to vices.